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Amazing Products Amazing Company:

100% Natural, Vegan, and Gluten/Sugar/Caffeine-free/Kosher
3 mints = 1 Cup of Green Tea 

I had previously post about Sencha Naturals and their DragonFruit Green Tea Mints. I set a Goal of trying the full product line and contacted the company about where to locate other flavors not available in my area. 
Michelle (Sales&Community Enlightenment) from  Sencha Naturals was kind enough to send me samples of all their current flavors.

The mints are available in 100% Biodegrade Tubes with a really cool twist bottom that opens the top to dispense the mints or in 100% Recyclable Canisters.

I love the Tubes they are convenient to carry, colorful and fun to twist and open. The canisters would be a nice treat to place in a guest room or welcome basket.

Tip N' Try Teapot with Original  Mints The Mints also can be stored, displayed and dispensed from an adorable glass tea pot , available on the Sencha Naturals website. (Hint anyone wanting to get me a gift , I want one , two or a dozen of these tea pots, how cute would this be at a tea party, luncheon , bridal shower, holiday buffet really anywhere!!!!!) 

The Flavors:
Original :The mint that started it all, SEN CHA Original was the world's first Green Tea Mint. Our proprietary blend of premium green tea provides antioxidant benefits, a touch of mint adds a light tingle, but the real star of this show is the lush flavor of award-winning estate tea. A Shangri-La for green tea lovers.

I loved this mint after a meal or for a quick refresh 

Tropical Mango:An ancient symbol of perfection and spiritual abundance, the sweet & juicy mango is esteemed by rajahs, gurus, and yogis alike. And with SEN CHA mango mints, there’s no need to travel to the East Indies for your own taste of this golden treat. Take a deep breath, chant a mango mantra, and enjoy a touch of paradise found.

This Mint was great in the afternoon when you are craving a little sweet treat without any of the guilt of snacking , they taste great and smell amazing


DragonFruit : It doesn’t get more exotic than a hot-pink fruit, or more legendary than one named after dragons. We start with this lightly sweet, sub-tropical cactus fruit, add a dash of natural ginger to spice things up, and end up with a uniquely delicious mint that is truly the stuff of legend.

This is the Mint that got me hooked, and everyone I have shared it with. It is a little sweet but has a little spice under tone


Bombay Chai : Why wait in line at a crowded cafe when you’ve already got the perfect chai right in your pocket? Our warm spice blend includes natural cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and just a hint of vanilla, making for an indulgently creamy, aromatic medley. We know you’re tempted; chai them out yourself.

This mint starts off with the taste of Chai spices and finishes with a rich creamy flavor , great for when you are craving a Tea or Chai drink


Moroccan Mint: This is what our SEN CHA team reaches for first thing in the morning. The fresh-cut flavor of crisp peppermint wakes up our taste buds, natural green tea extract boosts our brain power, and invigorating spearmint freshens our breath before company meetings. These exhilarating mints keep our SEN CHA world spinning, one tingle at a time.

This Mint provides a nice fresh Minty flavor without that weird artificial flavor that so many lesser mints provide


Fuji Apple: As the saying goes, “A Fuji Apple mint a day keeps the dragon breath away.” Okay, so we may have put a SEN CHA-spin on it, but the saying still rings true! Combine the sweet, tart taste of aromatic apple with the natural anti-bacterial properties of green tea and you’ve got the tastiest solution to slay the fiercest of dragon breath. Have you had your Fuji Apple today?

This is a seasonal flavor and will not be around much longer (still listed on Website on day of this post so run over and order a dozen tubes or so) This Mint has a fresh crisp flavor of apples and was a true delight.


Island Guava Mints: Ripe for summer, our newest artisan blend is lightly sweet and refreshingly cool. This tropical blend is the perfect oasis to refresh your palate and enliven the senses.

This Mint came out after I got my sample box so I have not tried it yet but will be ordering some later today , can't wait to try it .

The below information is copied from the company website : 

Green Tea Benefits
Practicing What We Preach    We think green tea is pretty cool (and hot!), and here at our Sencha Naturals headquarters we actually have a huge collection of green tea in every imaginable form and flavor. Our CEO David kindly steeps a pot for us every morning and treats us to fun green tea concoctions before company meetings. Sencha helps us focus and mellows us out, and sharing a warm teapot has a unique way of bringing us together unlike any coffee ever could. 
What in the EGCG are you talking about?   Most people know green tea is synonymous with ‘antioxidants’— beneficial molecules found in certain foods that can promote health by preventing cell damage. EGCG is a specific antioxidant found only in green tea.

Just 3 SEN CHA Green Tea Mints contain the antioxidant equivalent of about one cup of green tea, with low caffeine. The research community has shown that green tea and EGCG benefits your body inside and out:
  • Protects against heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol1, reducing high blood pressure2, and reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis3.
  • Promotes weight loss by stimulating your body’s metabolism4 without raising your heart rate like coffee or other caffeinated sources.5
  • Builds a strong immune system through antioxidant vitamins C and E.6
  • Improves mental focus, attention, and cognitive ability7 giving new meaning to “green fuel.”
  • Prevents physical and mental fatigue8 and age-related memory loss.9
  • Preserves skin by minimizing wrinkles10, skin discolorations11, and age spots.12 Also reduces acne13, eczema14, and other major skin conditions15.
  • Enhances oral health by helping to prevent the bacteria that causes bad breath16, tooth decay17, dental plaque18, and gum disease19.

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