Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I am a little behind on "New Starts" for 2013

Over the last few years I have started taking pictures of food my daughters and I have made at home. A couple of times a month my daughters would tell me to start a blog, then along came Pinterest and I had a place to post my pictures with little effort.

Which leads to New Starts, I no longer can put in little effort into my weight and health, so why not tackle that and put some effort into blogging too?

By now you can tell I have no clue about blogging or writing things that people want to read, but even if no one ever reads this or follows my blog at least I'm doing what I love and that is truly enough. 

The name of the blog is Tea 3, this is the name of the "dream"/"one day"/"most likely never" funky not your Mama's Tea House that I have always wanted to start. I starts means just doing it, but I have a job I love (and it pays the bills), one daughter graduating from UNC this year and another daughter in her second year of law school and sometimes dreams can't be reached for practical reasons. So, I cook for family and friends as often as I can and pretend that I am cooking in Tea 3. (Not Pretend in a crazy, creepy way, I just put a lot of effort in to cooking dishes my guest will love!) 

My oldest Daughter made me some tea cups for "Tea 3" for my Christmas gift and wrote "our" slogan:

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